Length of time required
Persons involved
team meeting
detailed planning against specific objectives;
2 days

contacting experts and participants from previous regional WSs and the central workshop; survey/mini feasibility study;
survey / small-scale feasibility study on the implementation of QualiTraining activities;
to identify active multipliers for participation in network
two months
Network meeting (Graz)
to consolidate the network, to identify who could contribute to dissemination & organisation of national events; to refine strategies for implementation in local contexts; to identify further case studies
 Prep mtng 1 day
the network - 2 days
Team + 12 active multipliers, to consolidate and extend the network
2 national events incl. pre-workshop prep + post workshop collecting of feedback, report & revision of materials
trainer training & dissemination; collecting feedback + further case studies; action research;
2-day events
 one team member per national event + local organiser/ trainer
web component
to share best practice & workshop materials, for networking
co-ord. with contributions from all
presentation/workshop activity at other ECML project(s) 
dissemination + synergies; extending the QualiTraining network
two participations in other relevant ECML events
one team member per event, one day
3 national events
trainer training & dissemination; collecting feedback + further case studies; action research; 
2-day events
one team member per event + local organiser /trainer
1 expert meeting
consolidating & extending the network; ongoing objectives as above
1/2 -1 day prep mtng + 2-day event
team + 4 experts
presentation/workshop activity at other ECML projects 
as under (6) above
as under (6) above (one day)
as under (6) above (one team member per event)
action research, documentation, uploading materials on the web site
to inform practice and to prepare conference presentations and articles for publication; to continue the networking; professionalisation of QualiTraining;
Team + interested professionals (national event, network or expert meeting participants)
conference presentations and writing of articles for publication
dissemination among professionals; participating in the wider professional dialogue
as appropriate, e.g. at EAQUALS events, national events, FL teachers' assoc., etc. 
Team members (+), as appropriate
central workshop
dissemination of project results, consolidating and extending the QualiTraining-network 
Prep Meeting 1 day + Central workshop 3 days (Oct. 2009)
Team + approx. 25 participants



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