Project description

Project team:  Laura Muresan, Romania(co-ordinator):  
Galya Mateva, Bulgaria:  
Mary Rose, UK:  
Mária Matheidesz, Hungary:   
Project duration:  2008 - 2009

Overall aim:
Wider dissemination of the QualiTraining Guide, while continuing the training of trainers and multipliers through network events, national and regional workshops, so as to facilitate the implementation of "QualiTraining" concepts, processes and materials at "grassroots level" in a variety of national/regional educational contexts. 

Project abstract:
"QualiTraining at Grassroots Level" is intended as a follow-up to the ECML project "QualiTraining - A Training Guide for Quality Assurance" (project team / authors: Laura Muresan, Frank Heyworth, Galya Mateva, Mary Rose), with the aim to contribute to a wider dissemination of the previous project's outcomes.
Its main goal is to take "QualiTraining" processes and products further to various national and regional contexts, while adapting workshop materials and adding further case studies.
This will be achieved through:
- consolidating and extending the ECML "QualiTraining" network
- identifying active members willing to contribute to national event
-  developing tools for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the QualiTraining Guide and related processes in specific educational contexts
By developing the web-based component and targeted networking, the project will also offer the framework for sharing best practice at various levels.
This project will help trainers to better understand
a)       the inter-relatedness between generic "QualiTraining" concepts and Council of Europe education instruments (CEFR, ELP), on the one hand, and educational practice, on the other;
b)      to link these to their work in real educational environments.
To ensure the project's sustainability, the co-ordinating team will seek to publish action research outcomes in journals and to consolidate a network of networks. 
Target audience for project activities:
-          teachers working as multipliers in networks; teacher educators;
-          inspectors and inspector trainers; multipliers conducting educational management seminars;
-          practitioners in leading positions in national/regional associations and networks;
-          professionals with an interest in quality assurance.
Sectors of education focused on / addressed:
Schools, colleges, universities, teacher education, adult education, continuing education; associations of language educators; quality assurance bodies (such as national associations of language schools); cultural institutes involved in the provision of language courses, having or introducing quality assurance systems & their networks, etc.
Expected results & outcomes:
  • web-based presentation and documentation of project processes, plans & outcomes
  • final report on recommendations and strategies for further dissemination
  • further case studies and worksheets adapted to local contexts, tools for monitoring and evaluating action research related to the implementation of the QualiTraining Guide, materials and processes,
  • conference presentations and journal articles on the implementation of "QualiTraining" in various educational contexts, enriched glossary of key-terms.



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