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There is a growing interest in national and regional contexts for standardisation in areas such as evaluation, approaches to quality control and management. Qualitraining aims to work towards consolidating a quality assurance culture in language education across Europe and beyond. The Qualitraining materials provides useful resources for this and ensures its effectiveness as an instrument for quality assurance. The goal is also to raise awareness for quality culture in language learning and in general.

The following resources are available:

A training guide for quality assurance in language learning

The QualiTraining guide gives you an overview on the topic and helps you to raise awareness for quality culture in general. But it also shows you how to look at different aspects of quality culture in your institution. It includes a CD-ROM with extra material.

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These worksheets are taken from the CD-Rom attached to the Qualitraining guide. You can view the whole content of the CD-Rom here.

 Reflective Pre-workshop Task 1
 Reflective Pre-workshop Task 2
 Self-asessment Grid for Quality Assurance
 Quality and People
 Systems, Processes and Instruments for Quality Management
 Assessment and Evaluation of Quality

Website: Quality assurance and self-assessment for schools and teachers

This website is a resource material including:

  • generic aspects of quality management in language education
  • standards and procedures developed at European level (on the example of EAQUALS)
  • case studies from various national and institutional contexts, as examples of good practice
  • questionnaires designed as instruments for awareness-raising & self-reflection / self-assessment
  • instruments for internal and external quality assurance
  • interviews with experts to reflect the latest developments in the field
  • links and contacts for further information 

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