Team member

 Mary Rose


Surname                                Rose

First name                              Mary

Address for correspondence  E-mail

Nationality                              British

Affiliation with educational networks
British Education Research Association (BERA) - Member
OFSTED - inspector
Networked Learning Communities - as Head of the International Learning and Research Centre and as consultant
Work information

Occupation or position currently held 

Head of the International Learning and Research Centre

Name of employer 

South Gloucestershire Council

Country of employment 

United Kingdom
Education and training  
Relevant qualifications or training 
Educational management and consultancy qualifications;
Experienced management trainer and educational consultant
Languages of communication

Mother tongue 


Other languages of communication 

Contribution to the project
Mary Rose is the Head of the International Learning and Research Centre, an innovation and development centre established in 2000.The Centre promotes, leads and co-ordinates practitioner research and school-based enquiry programmes, particularly in the teaching and learning of languages. Her professional expertise includes:
- OFSTED inspections
- management and consultancy expertise as Head of the ILRC, as former Head of a local authority Advisory Service, English Adviser and headteacher; as a General Adviser , she supported headteachers, teachers and governors, as a critical friend, in the development of school improvement and self-evaluation systems and processes;
- teacher training, programme design and international consultancy in domains such as language teaching, leadership, quality assurance
Mary Rose was a member of the project team for Quality Assurance and Self – Assessment for Schools and Teachers in the first medium term programme of the ECML, as well as a team member of the ECML "QualiTraining" project and co-author of the "QualiTraining Guide" in the 2nd medium-term project.
Mary's envisaged role in the new project team will include:
- dissemination activities, (co-) organising and (co-)facilitation of workshops,
- networking to identify potential target audiences of multipliers for cascading events;
- co-operating with the other team members on carrying out needs analysis in preparation for WSs and adaptation of QualiTraining workshop materials for implementation in various educational contexts;
- a leading role in the development of tools for monitoring and evaluating action research related to the implementation of the QualiTraining Guide, Workshop materials and QualiTraining processes adapted to various contexts;
- with the other team members, carrying out small-scale feasibility studies and action research, to explore the specificity of introducing "QualiTraining" concepts and materials in various educational contexts, and - as appropriate - to contribute to the publishing of research outcomes in specialised journals for dissemination to a wider public.


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