Qualitraining team









Project Team:    Laura Muresan, Co-ordinator (Romania)

                        Maria Matheidesz, Web Correspondent (Hungary)
                        Galya Mateva (Bulgaria)
                        Mary Rose (UK)
The project team, led by Laura Muresan, met in Graz for the first team meeting on 21 and 22 February 2008. Introductory sessions enabled the team to familiarise themselves with the requirements for the new ECML medium-term programme and with the excellent functions offered by the new project website. Laura presented a comprehensive overview of all the QualiTraining developments in the previous programme. These outcomes give the team a strong base to work from. The team was inspired by the achievements and keen to develop further the potential of the QualiTraining Guide in this new dissemination project.
During the course of the two days the team
  • revised the project action plan, providing full details for the annual project plan;
  • drew up a series of communications for experts and participants in the previous project. The team is keen to learn of any initiatives being undertaken by previous participants as a result of QualiTraining experiences;
  • planned the QualiTraining Network Meeting and identified the experts to be invited to participate, mindful of a geographical distribution across the ECML member states where there is no involvement in current ECML project consultations; 

  • shared experiences from local and international contexts of continued dissemination, training and development based on the QualiTraining Guide;
  • discussed members’ professional interests in relation to QualiTraining and the possible additional material these contexts may offer. Key areas for investigation were identified;
  • agreed on the distribution of roles and responsibilities.




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